Aramax Vape Pen Coil Heads

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Aramax Vape Pen Replacement Coil Head ratted at 1.8Ω .


1 x Aramax 1.8Ω Coil Head


Soley intended for use with the Aramax Vape Pen




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Aramax Vape Pen Replacement Coil Head ratted at 1.8Ω .


1 x Aramax 1.8Ω Coil Head


Soley intended for use with the Aramax Vape Pen

Introducing ARAMAX Short Fills, a range of delicious new vaping flavors that promise to deliver maximum vaping pleasure. We've pumped up the vapor production. We've pumped up the flavor. And now we've pumped up the savings by delivering this amazing quality for a price that won't break your bank.


1 x Aramax Short Fill E- Liquid


PG/VG: 30PG/70VG

50ml of E-Liquid

10ml of Mixing Space

Flavours Available

Strawberry Kiwi

This bespoke blend is rich with juicy red strawberry and an extra touch of green kiwi. Vape and let this beautiful blend leave you feeling flawless.

Lemon Pie

Reward yourself with this lemon pie on a cozy afternoon. Lemon and meringue gently uplift, while creamy and silky aroma finish the perfect holiday illusion.

Berry Mint

Sweet and fresh essence of berries is mixed perfectly with cool minty aroma. Relax and let this vape freshen up your day!

Virginia Tobacco

A distinctive rich Virginia tobacco note perfectly blended with nutty and mild sweet aroma. It is designed for true Virginia lovers.

Max Blueberry

Lift your spirits with ripe blueberries freshly harvested from the field in summer.

Aspire Cleito coils have been designed to maximize exposure to e-liquid with the increased surface area of the coil. The largest of the Cleito coils so far, the Cleito Exo takes this one step further resulting in the best vapour production yet. At 0.16Ω , the low resistance also makes this perfect for sub-ohm vapers, and produces great clouds.


1 x Aspire Cleito EXO Coil Head


Dual Clapton Coil Head

0.16Ω (60-100W)

The Tigon tank and AIO can be used with three different coils: 0.4Ω coils, 1.2Ω coil, and 0.7Ω Mesh Coils. All of which can be used for salt nic. On the Aspire Tigon tank, coil replacement is just a case of unscrewing the base hardware, pulling out the old coil and replacing it with a new one. Then screw the base hardware back on again. For the Tigon AIO, twist the Pod 90 degrees and pull it away from the device. After swapping the coils, drop the tabs back into their slots, and rotate 90 degrees until it stops.


1 x Aspire Tigon Coil Head

Resistance Options

0.4Ω (23-28W)

0.7Ω Mesh (20-25W)

1.2Ω (10-12W)


Tigon Tank

Tigon AIO


The Aspire BVC Coils have a new wick technology which uses the same high-tech material and technology found in the Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils to provide a pure flavor and a more saturated vape. The new Aspire BVC Coils also feature 4 holes to improve the overall wicking of the coil and provide an overall better vape.


1 x Aspire BVC Coil Head


Compatible with: K1, ET-S, CE5 and CE5-S

Resistance Options

Spryte 1.2Ω Nicotine Salt (7-20W)

1.6Ω (7-17W)

1.8Ω (7-15W)

2.1Ω 7-12W)

The Nautilus BVC coils consist of a single Kanthal coil, situated vertically to enable the most intense levels of vapor and flavor. Organic cotton is used for maximum wicking. Nautilus 1.8Ω NS is specifically designed for nicotine and salt. Nautilus Mesh Coils 0.7Ω uses stainless steel mesh to create better flavor and vapor production. Compatible with the K3 Tank, Nautilus Tank, Nautilus Mini Tank, Nautilus 2 Tank, Nautilus 2s Tank, Nautilus AIO, and Aspire Mulus.



1 x Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Head


Resistance Options

Nautilus BVC 0.7Ω (15-30W)

Nautilus BVC 1.6Ω (10-20W)

Nautilus BVC 1.8Ω (10-15W)

Nautilus BVC 1.8Ω Nicotine Salt (12W)

Nautilus BVC 0.7Ω Mesh (20-25W)

Nautilus 2S BVC 0.4Ω

Nautilus BVC 1.0Ω Mesh (14-22W)

Nautilus BVC 0.3Ω Mesh (30-60W)

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Aramax Flavours

Berry Mint, Lemon Pie, Max Blueberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Virginia Tobacco




0.4Ω, 0.7Ω Mesh, 1.2Ω


1.2Ω NS, 1.6Ω, 1.8Ω, 2.1Ω


0.3Ω Mesh, 0.4Ω, 0.7Ω, 0.7Ω Mesh, 1.0Ω Mesh, 1.6Ω, 1.8Ω, 1.8Ω NS